The Most Important Class I Took In College

Hey internet!

How are you today? I am currently wearing THE BEST SHIRT EVER and being SUPER productive, so I’m doing great!

It been a while since I talked about college, and I think I have a new little golden nugget of Liz College Wisdom for you! (Hang in there. It will  take me a little while to get there. But I will. I promise.)

I knew a long time ago that I was going to write this blog today, but I wasn’t really sure what I would be reporting to you. I really didn’t expect it to take the shape that it has ended up taking, but happy accidents and all.

You see internet, yesterday I officiated a wedding. If you are wondering who in their right mind would ask me to officiate their wedding, the answer would be my aunt. Clearly she has too much faith in me.  But I was super honored and decided “why not? The worst I could do is RUIN THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY AUNT’S LIFE.” But I was assured by my friends and the logical side of my brain that the chances that I would actually RUIN THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY AUNT’S LIFE were pretty low. Plus it was super cool that she asked me and really it’s pretty flattering when someone has way too much faith in you.

So I got ordained online and I worked with my aunt to put together a short and sweet ceremony and I got a pretty black dress (because if you ever get a chance to buy I pretty black dress you do it), and practiced not totally screwing up in my living room.

Since this blog was not titled “823 Ways I Screwed Up My Aunts Wedding This Way To Sunday,” I think you should be able to tell that I did NOT irreparably wreck the ceremony and that my aunt and her husband are in fact legally married!

So yay!!

I think the most surprising way I didn’t ruin the ceremony is that I am pretty sure that everybody could hear me AND understand what I was saying. If you told my high school self that I would be able to successfully preform a marriage in front of any size group of people, high school me would have flat out told you that you were insane. She would have said that with a great deal of authority too because, as a high schooler, I was THE WORST at public speaking. Speaking in front of a group of people was literally my worst nightmare. If I ever had to give a class presentation, I would be uncontrollably shaking the entire time. I would also talk super fast, super quiet and avoid eye contact with anyone. I was the perfect storm of horrible public speaking. And if the presentation was for French class, well then you could just forget it. I really was a hot mess.

But something happened when I went off to college.

I realized that I was a perfectly acceptable specimen of a human being and got some self esteem and decided to be totally confident in everything I do?!?!

Hahahaha -No… well…maybe a little… but mostly no…

BUT I did become a communications major. And it turns out that, in my opinion, the #1 most important part of any communications degree is having to take COM 101: Public Speaking. In fact, I think everybody in college should be required to take a public speaking class. Because if I had not taken that class, when my aunt asked me to officiate her wedding I probably would have felt like I should say no. Because that wedding really would have been a hot mess.

But because I was required to take COM 101, I was able to talk a bit louder and slow down my speech a little and actually make eye contact with the bride and groom and guests. Could I have slowed it down a bit more? Yes. I am naturally an extremely fast talker. Could I still learn to be a bit louder? Absolutely. I am working on it, but volume-wise my voice is the very definition of meekness. But as far as I’m concerned, if I’m heard and understood that counts as a success!!

So now I can officially say – I’m available for weddings! You know… in case you have way too much faith in my abilities…

Anyway, I’m in the middle of rereading the Hunger Games trilogy and Catching Fire is calling my name. I will talk to you later internet. Once I have mentally returned from Panem.

Happy Almost Thanksgiving internet!

What do you think is the most important class you have ever taken?

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