My Own Personal Energy Crisis

Hey Internet! How ya doing?

I am doing ok, but I am in the midst of a slight crisis. A crisis of energy.

See internet, here’s the thing: Not only have I been feeling SUPER low energy the past few weeks, but the little energy I do have is coming at the MOST inopportune time. I will be dragging and dragging all day and then around 10 pm (when I should be going to bed) I find myself having Ke$ha dance parties in the kitchen or drinking gin and juice* while scrubbing the kitchenaid, praying to the Lord above that the shortening that suddenly appeared on my hand has not been hiding on the mixer as long as I think it probably has.

This is an issue. I am trying to get the recommended amount of sleep, but when all of day’s energy hits at bed time, getting to sleep is much easier said than done. I’ve taken some concrete steps: I’ve stopped watching youtube clips on my phone before bed, opting instead for a good book; I’ve gone to bed on time anyway, hoping that the sleep will just come and my energy will present itself earlier in the day… Ok I know with the rule of 3 there should be something else here, but there isn’t.

That is why I am turning to you internet. What do you do in an energy crisis? I’m thinking a diet change is in order (Halloween has not been kind to my healthy eating habits) But I’m not sure what changes to make exactly. Less caffeine? More caffeine?!? (What? We all have our dreams!) Cut down on carbs? Processed foods? Eat more veggies? What gives you energy? THESE ARE THINGS I DON’T KNOW!!!!… I probably need to cut out the gin and juice* though…

Adding complications to my diet cerfuffle is the fact that I am currently on a self-imposed soft foods diet. Because of complications with my most recent root canal and the fact that some of my old root canals still haven’t been crowned, I basically have zero sides of my mouth with which to chew. So until January when my dental insurance is renewed I need to be focusing on eating things that don’t need a lot of chewing. The food processor is my friend right now.

So here is your homework internet: What are some good foods that will give me energy but that can also be eaten with a spoon? This may well be the most odd and pathetic question I have posed at the end of a blog.

*Juice in this case is in fact Diet Mountain Dew

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