Family Fun Day?

Overheard in the car where it am sitting in the back seat with my cousin:
Grandma: Sharon you want to watch that sore on his nose. It will probably become impetigo. 
Sharon: He has had a rash on his legs. Could that be impetigo?
Grandma: Probably. You need to watch that. They won’t let him oh to school with impetigo. 
Mom: It’s very contagious.
Me: WHOSITWHATNOW? What am I catching back here?!? 
Mom: Impetigo.  Look it up on your phone. 
Me (reading from Mayo Clinic): “Impetigo (im-puh-TIE-go) is a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS SKIN INFECTION -” Cousin! Get back on your side of the car!!!!! BACK LEPER! 
I may be over reacting. Or I may be dying. You chose. 

Before I knew that taking this picture would kill me. 

After. He is altogether too pleased with himself. 

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  1. Marcie says:

    I totally support this!! I’m so proud of you booski! You’ll be awesome.

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