Weekend Tiddlywinks

Hello Internet!

Just dropping by to give you a few tidbits from my long weekend!

This weekend my friend from college came into town and we went to see a play downtown. We saw The Last Days of Judas Iscariot and it was intense. Super good. Super much to think about. I recommend it.

We also just had a bunch of miscellaneous fun that I wanted to share with you:

1) Before the show we somehow ended up in a joke shop. Like a straight out of Hairspray joke shop. I found a tiny little plastic black baby and I said to my friend “Friend,* I am going to get you this tiny little plastic black baby, because you and math-hat boy are going to adopt a black baby some day.” (Like in Baby Mama.) She told me she loved the tiny little black baby, but that I needed to give it to her on her wedding day. I thought this was BRILLIANT and bought the tiny little plastic black baby.

NOT TWO HOURS LATER I had already lost that tiny little plastic black baby… I am never going to achieve godmother status at this rate… I’m already loosing her baby… In my defense, THAT BABY WAS TINY… In not my defense, it was in a bag, in my purse, and I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO LOSE IT… but lost it I did. Sorry friend (and by extension math-hat boy) that  lost your baby so quickly.

2) On Sunday we went to church and heard a wonderful sermon and came away with our new favorite sermon quote: “Have you ever ridden a donkey?!? Not Great… is what I would say…” I have said this approximately 4,852,634 times since yesterday morning.

3) After church we drove by a lemonade stand, and clearly had to stop because – hello – lemonade stand! So we bought two cups of 25 cent lemonade and went on our merry way:

Me: Good for that dad. Spending the day with his kids and a lemonade stand

Friend: Yeah. And I like how it was only 25 cents a glass, with inflation you’d think it’d be at least 50 cents

Me: Yeah. You have to figure that the dad is covering the start up costs. They are probably losing some money. But good for him. His kids are learning something

Friend: Yeah. Fixed costs… Variable costs… And that they should probably fire the little brother – I mean he is lowering the margin value.

Me: I was thinking more along the lines of the value of a hard days work… But, those too I suppose

4) We also spent some time going through my old school things. We found this gem (My writing is highlighted in purple):

A Rainbow by Lisa**

What is blue? The blue sripe oof o f the rabow us blue. I like ranbow.

What is green? The strip green oof of the rainbow. I like rain bow.

What is red? The red stripoof of the rainbow. I like rain bow.

What is yellow? the yellow strip oof of the rainbow. I lik rainbow

What is blue, green, red, and yellow?

Can you guess? Yes
Do you know? Yes


Clearly I was a creative writing genius even at a young age. I also clearly though ‘of’ was two words.

‘oof of’ for the win!!

5) Then I read aloud the entirety of The Little Prince to my friend because she had never read it.
a) That is not ok. Go read The Little Prince RIGHT NOW.
b) That means I already have read one book this month and it is only the second!! I am killing these goals internet!!!

6) I also got to finish the fifth season of Mad Men this weekend, which counts towards my ‘be a good bridesmaid’ goal because the first weekend of October is our Mad Men themed bridal shower, and I should really be caught up if I am to help host that ;-)… Now I just need to find a way to watch season six

So there was my weekend. How was your long weekend internet?

*I don’t actually call her “friend.” I am just hesitant to use names on a blog that gets published on the big bad internet, especially without my friends’ permission. Hey friends! How do you feel about these things? Do you not care? Do you want code names? I can make that happen!!
** I used to be called Lisa. That is a good story. I should tell you that some day.

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