Five Things NOT Friday Friday Gotta Get Down On Friday

Hello Internet!
Its been too long! August is rushing by like CRAZY SAUCE!!!
Since its been a while, I thought I would do something a few of my favorite bloggers do called Five Things Friday, where I share five random (or not so random) things about me…. Expect its Saturday, because I fail….
Anyhoo, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and so this FridaySaturday I thought I’d share with you Five Things Friday – Things I did this week addition.
And away we go!!!
1) I’ve been reading a new blog – Kayla Aimee Only Slightly Neurotic – for a few months now (I started from the beginning of her blog, which she started in 2005, so It’s been a long process. I’m almost to December 2012 though so I’m getting close to caught up!!!!) Anyway, she has written about this book called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess By Jen Hatmaker and how it has impacted her life. It has made me want to read this book a lot and also donate all of my belongings. I read this post this week and I now have a giant pile of clothes in a “donate” pile on the floor of my otherwise clean room. I haven’t even read the book yet y’all! I’m in trouble.
2) I’ve mentioned that I am taking a class on wedding planning in my spare time, and this week I read about planning signature events. There were suggestions for ways to theme a wedding for all the seasons, which lead to me sending this text message to the engaged bestie:
Which somehow turned into this:
Things may have gotten out of hand….
3) DID YOU KNOW if you buys 6 bottles of wine at Target you can get 10% off, ANDPLUSALSO if you have a Target Red Card then you get an extra 5% off all your purchases so that means 15% off wine which is basically FREE WINE!! (Yes. That is how wine math works in my head. Don’t judge me.) This lead to a target trip turning into a wine tasting night for me and my friend. This included watching Psych, discovering that not all $9 Moscatos are created equally and a LOT of double fisting.
Two of those wines were really good. The Wine Sisterhood? Not so much…. 🙁
Bonus Picture:
This is how you know it is going to be a good night.
The people in Target totally judged us for this.
4) One of my best friend’s little sisters is in beauty school studying to be an esthetician and today I got a FREE SPA DAY!!!! She is practicing for her practicals and so today I got to go in for a facial, a back treatment, an eyebrow wax, a makeover and a bikini wax.
Yes. I did just start that paragraph with “My best friend’s little sister” and ended it with “bikini wax.” Trust me. I didn’t see that coming either. Thankfully, it was WAY less awkward than it sounds and everything else was great!
It was super relaxing and my face is super smooth! (PS. Did you know they totally electrify you when you get a facial? They are all “I’m going to use electricity on your face now. Take out your contacts so they don’t MELT ONTO YOUR EYEBALL and tell me if you feel tingling and/or you start producing way more saliva than usual and/or if you start to taste metal so I know not to turn up the electricity any more. Oh and also: are you sure you took out your contacts because if you didn’t THEY WILL MELT ONTO YOUR EYEBALL. Ready?!” It totally reminded me of the time my dentist said “This is basically a miniature cattle prod. We are going to cattle prod your teeth. You hold this thing and as soon as you feel anything weird in that tooth drop it. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT HURTS. Ready?!”  The good news is that both things were WAY less scary than they sounded. The bad news is at one point in my life MY DENTIST CATTLE PRODED MY TEETH.)
Anyway, FREE SPA DAY was awesome and it was great to hang out with my friend’s sister (who is also my friend who I never get to see enough) so it was fun times.
5) Ok guys – true life confessions I may or may not have (but totally did) PULL OFF my pinkie toenail this week.
You see, whathadhappen was, I was sitting on the floor, minding my own business and doing my wedding class stuff and I may have gotten distracted thinking “Hey! My pinkie toenail is long. I should take care of that.” (And yes, I KNOW I should use clippers, but I have bad nail habits. I am working on them.) So I was just going to pick at it and shorten it up (I know. Stop judging me internet! This blog is a safe place!) AND THEN I PULLED MY MOTHER FLIPPIN’ TOENAIL CLEAN OFF. It didn’t really hurt that much and so I wasn’t sure if I had actually pulled off my toenail. But then it started bleeding so I went and woke my mom up and was like “Am I missing a toenail?” and she’s all “What did you do?!?” and I’m like “Well whathadhappen was… I accidentally pulled it off.” and the she was all “What are you doing to my daughter?!?” and gave me some Neosporin and a Sesame Street Band-Aid because we be ballin’ in this house.
So that happened…. I have tiny tiny pinky toe nails, so it really didn’t hurt and it is hard to tell that I’m missing it, but I am. Hopefully it will grow back soon…. On the bright side: Perspective. Now I have it.
So there you go internet!
This blog post was brought to you by The Muppets sound track, which I have been listening to on repeat for 3 days.
“‘Yeah it’s funny in a rich man’s world.
when I need a piece of string
I use a string of pearls.
If somethings for sale consider it sold.
I got so much gold I gold plate my gold.
I even got a guy to gold plate my cat.
I don’t regret much but I do regret that.
If I could start over I’d do it all the same,
but I wouldn’t gold plate little Twinkles again.’
‘He’s Tex Richman.
Everybody listen
Just how great it is to be him'”

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