Happy birthday to me!

Hello Internet! 

First off a big thank you to all the Facebook/texting love I got today. That’s why birthdays are the most fun!

To say thank you, I’d like to wish you all a very merry unbirthday!

Anyhow, seeing as I am now an entire year older, I am clearly a paragon of wisdom, I thought I would share with you a few observations and tidbits about my birthday 

1) For me, turning 23 meant one thing – that I would have Taylor Swift’s song, 22, stuck in my head all day. It never really appealed to me before. I mean, I thought it was ok, but I never went out of my way to listen to it. Now that I’m 23, however, I find this song makes me very nostalgic. Now I can listen to it fondly and think back to being 22, and all the times my friends and I dressed up like hipsters, made fun of our exes, and had breakfast at midnight. What’s that friends? We never did those things? You would be correct! But ah… How good it felt when we were 22! Now that I’m 23, apparently all I have to look forward to, according to blink 182, is striking out with girls, making prank phone calls, and just generally  having nobody like me… Perhaps this birthday was a bad idea…

2) Birthdays  are the best because you get free stuff! This morning I got free coffee at Starbucks, my work brought in doughnuts, and I got a free  dinner at a really good hibachi restaurant by my house. This place is great because if you go there on your birthday you get a gift card for a free meal on your next birthday. And that happens again and again and again every year! Basically you buy one hibachi dinner and you get free hibachi birthday dinners for the rest of your life! Plus it is delicious.  So many good life choices. 

My Free Coffee, Maple Bacon Doughnut and Kitten Card from work!

Delicious Delicious Dinner.

I got free fruit and cupcake and rose and fancy candle to blow out. Also, Plum wine is delicious.
When we left a waiter literally ran to give me my rose. So I gots to keep it!

3) Other miscellaneous birthday fun:
– my ATM wished me a happy birthday today. It was awesome! 
I literally only withdrew money so I could see if this really happened. It does.

– my mom gave me a bench for my room for my birthday and that means my room is basically done! (In other news we got my bathroom done this weekend! I will post pictures soon!)
-I got Vera Bradley coupons in the mail for my birthday. I may need to do something about this! But what should I get?!?
– the same friend who brought you UNICORN CORKSCREW gave me MUSTACHE NECKLACE.  It was awesome. 
This is my attractive face.

– The restaurant they had a toy machine that had Mini Winnie the Poohs that were wearing dessert costumes. I left the table at one point to put a dollars worth of quarters in said machine. Because I a an adult. I got a tiny Winnie the Pooh in a chocolate bar costume!!

Sorry this is so blurry, but look how cute!!!


There are 8 Mini Winnie Delight additions and I WANT THEM ALL. Seriously, if you are looking for a gift idea for my birthday, look no further. I 100% want the Mini Winnies!!!!!

– today I bought a cookie cake for work. It was the first time I’ve ever gotten to bring in treats because of my stupid summer birthday. (I always felt super gypped because I never got to bring in cupcakes on my birthday. Apparently nowadays summer birthday kids get to bring in treats on their half birthdays because their teachers want them to be well adjusted or some silliness like that. Lame. ) Anyway, I brought in the cookie cake and it looked like this:

When I got it home it looked like this:

The bite shape was taken out by me on the way home cuz I got hungry, but note that someone totally ate the frosting roses and left the cookie cake. 

Well played coworker. Well played. 

Anyhoo, after dinner my friends and I went to target and I got my bench and a good dose of birthday freak out. I somehow ended up alone in calendar/weekly planner section feeling like “I NEED TO GET MY LIFE IN CONTROL” I should never be left alone in a target, Internet. Never. 

And that’s how I ended up buying 3 4 different kinds of life planners. 

They will go along with my 23rd year goals. 

Which will need to be a different post. 

Overall it was a great birthday. After the target freak out I got a great reminder from my dad about just how good things are and that life is pretty sweet right now. 

But now it’s time to enjoy the last few minutes of my birthday by sleeping. 

Good night Internet!

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