We Have a Problem.

A big big problem. A big big problem for any of my Boy Meets World fans out there (hint: this should be ALL OF YOU. Seriously. If you don’t like Buy Meets World, we need to have a talk about what awesome is.)
Anyway, when they announced the new Boy Meets World spin off, I was hesitant but optimistic. I knew it wouldn’t live up to the original. But I thought that maybe MAYBE it could be ok. I was excited to see Cory and Topanga again.
But then I read this article.
Particularly this sentence “Cory is the girls’ new history teacher and Topanga owns an after-school hangout known for its pudding.”
And then I had to stop reading. Because Topanga is NOT the type of girl to own a pudding shack. Topanga was moving the family to New York to be a professional. She was going to be a lawyer or something similarly impressive. She was not going to be a pudding peddler. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with peddling pudding! In fact, I think it would have been a PERFECT choice for Cory. I mean, who could forget this gem?
Cory’s Pudding Shack could totally be the next Chubby’s. But Topanga’s Pudding Shack? I don’t buy it.
And it makes me sad because I feel like they had such a great opportunity to have a strong working mother in a corporate environment who is also fun and loves her kids. I feel like there has always been an either-or in TV and movies — Either the mom stays at home or works in a domestic type job (read: makes pudding for a living) Or they are cold and distant professionals who never make time for their kids.
Topanga would be a PERFECT character to show the best of both worlds (Hannah Montana reference sadly was intended… I am so ashamed….) She could be a wonderful corporate mom!
And maybe they will still be able to do that. Being a business owner isn’t easy. Maybe she will be a total business woman, but pudding is involved, so I somehow doubt that.
Anyhoo, I am still totally going to watch the new show. And I still hope it will have at least a bit of carry over from the awesomeness that was Boy Meets World, but I just feel so wrong about this…
How are you doing on this here Monday internet? I am le tired.

Also, Yes. I did write this while watching Zenon the Zequel. Cuz I am a boss.

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