When You Give a Liz a Nap

When you give a Liz a nap (at 7 pm) she will set her alarm for 9.
When her alarm goes off at 9 she will hit snooze until 10.
When she quits hitting snooze she will decide to just turn off her alarm and keep sleeping.
When she turns off her alarm she will sleep soundly until 12:30, at which point she will wake up.
When she wakes up at 12:30 she will want a diet root beer.
When she gets a diet root beer she will see some leftover macaroni salad in the fridge.
When she sees the macaroni salad in the fridge she will realize she is hungry.
When she realizes she is hungry she will serve herself some macaroni salad.
After she serves herself some macaroni salad she will take her food up to her room so she doesn’t disturb the dogs.
When she gets up to her room she will decide that she really should clean her room for painting tomorrow.
Once she decides to clean her room she will pack exactly 2.896 boxes full of books.
Once she packs 2.896 boxes full of books she will decide that that is probably good  enough and she will return to her bed and her macaroni salad.
Once she eats some macaroni salad she will decide she is thirsty.
When she decides she is thirsty she will chug her diet root beer.
Once she chugs her diet root beer she will realize that that was a bad choice.
Once she realizes she made a bad choice she will lay down to avoid the nausea.
When she lays down to avoid the nausea she will decide to read this blog.
After she reads this blog for a while she will realize that she is tired.
When she realizes she is tired she will look at the clock.
When she looks at the clock she will see that it is 2:30 in the morning.
When she sees that it is 2:30 in the morning she will decide that it is time for nap 2.0.
When she decides that is time nap 2.0 she will turn off the lights.
When she turns off the lights she will sleep soundly until morning.
And that, my dear internet, is what happens when you give a Liz a nap at 7 pm.

What happens when someone gives you a nap? I wanna know!!
In other news, my room is pretty much painted!!

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