Trains, Planes, and Thanksgiving… Minus the Planes…

I am writing this from the train. A place I am frequenting more and more often recently. I am riding the train because I got that internship that I talked about last time – which is really exciting and a lot of fun! It is unpaid so the job search is still in full force, but it gives me something to do with my life and I am getting event planning experience. So its good!
Commuting is tiring, but I do like riding the train. And it makes me feel productive. For instance, if I had to drive to my internship I would not be writing this right now. Thanks Metra! So even though some days I feel like I live on the train (its only an hour ride each way so I really shouldn’t feel that way. I think its because I get home at 7. And at 7 it is dark. If I got home earlier I would never feel that way.) I like my new routine and enjoy having a schedule.
I haven’t written in a while because I caught the death (Read: a cold. My ex-roommate may be right. I may be a wuss. But it was a bad cold!! And truth be told she is a much bigger wuss than I am, she is just healthier in general so her wussiness rarely appears.) Anyway, I caught the death a week before thanksgiving and spent a majority of my time sleeping, drinking tea and trying to sleep and failing. Luckily, while powerful, the death was swift and I was fine again by thanksgiving. Which was good, because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!
Cooking is probably my third or fourth favorite pastime (as you have probably gathered by the amount of time I spend talking about it), so an entire day dedicated to cooking is right up my alley. I celebrated with my dad and stepmom’s families. I never got a final head count but I think it was pretty close to 30 people. I wasn’t much involved with the meal planning, but since I am trying super hard to be vegan they let me make my own stuffing and fake stuffed turkey. My favorite faux meat company (Gardein) makes a stuffed “turkey breast.” It was amazing. There were also some Brussel sprouts that were vegan that were pretty much the most delicious think I have ever eaten. Since it was a holiday I also indulged in a few non-vegan things – a bit of green bean casserole and some awesome home made bread pudding. It was a pretty good day.
After the feasting I made what was probably not the best life choice – black Friday shopping. Target opened at 9, which I think is stupid. 9 pm is still thanksgiving. People are still with their families. People haven’t had a chance to nap yet! If we are expected to start shopping at 9 and then shop through the night into the morning and then keep going, companies should have the decency to open late enough to provide us with a good 3 hour nap (ps the best/only naps I take are 3 hours. If it hasn’t been 3 hours, I’m not getting up.I may try, but I WILL fail. It’s just how my life works) Anyway, I got to Target around 9:45. All the carts were gone and it was packed. I was there to look at DVDs because last year they had some amazing sales on tv shows on DVD. This year was a little disappointing if only because they were the same deals and I already had bought them last year. I did keep looking and found some clothes and boots I liked. Got a few Christmas presents as well. I also found this:

I resisted the very obvious and powerful temptation to buy this and this teapot WITH COZY:
 only because my friend (who had met me there) told me she would buy me UNICORN CORKSCREW (yes. The caps are necessary) for Christmas. Words cannot describe my excitement.
Around 12:30 we hit up a starbucks (Steamed Soy Milk with Pepermint is one of God’s greatest gifts to the world… You know… other than Jesus.) And then we headed over to Kohls, which was also packed and out of carts.
Kolhs was a bit dangerous. Everything was on sale (Not the case at Target, which was annoying) and I found jeans and a dress and a sweater and a rice cooker!!!! And a present. After what seemed like not a long time we got in line and waited. And waited. And waited for about 30 minutes. At check out my friend asked what time it was and the cashier told us 2:45. This was our cue. We were done.
So. Was it worth it you ask? Um. Well I got a UNICORN CORKSCREW out of the deal so yes. No question about it. Here is the exact same picture one more time:
Soak in the Awesome.

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