And Now I’m Blogging?

So here we are. Sunset and Camden. And I am beginning my life as a college graduate.

Except my life isn’t Singin’ in the Rain. So I’m not at Sunset and Camden. I am in suburbia. Which is so super exciting, I know. But when you have no job home really is where the heart is; or more aptly the place you can live rent free.

So here is the part of the story where I get my life together right? That is what everyone has been teaching me since birth. Graduate college get a job and get your life together. But how exactly does one do that? I have a list of things I want to achieve, but have no idea exactly how to go about doing it. So here is the list.

1) Get a job. Pay the bills

2) Become a wedding/event planner. This is different from #1 because this is my ultimate career goal and #1 is my “I need money to live” goal.

3) Get healthy. I don’t remember a time in my life where anybody would say I was an overall healthy person. I want to change that. But I have no idea how.

4) Move to Denver. Ok. This one is negotiable. But in my ideal life, I would live in Denver because two of my best friends in the world live there and another wants to move there as soon as she graduates. I really want to be in Denver. Maybe not permanently, but for a few years.

5) Stop being a complete and utter mess all the time. This is both a spatial and emotional issue. I want a clean home and to not feel like I am hot damn emotional mess 75% of the time. I’d like to get it down to say 30-40%. I’ve come to realize that I will never get to the point where I am hardly ever an emotional wreck (I like to blame it on being a woman, but I have a few hard core feminist friends who take issue with that, so I’ll just go with, I am a mess and it often occurs in conjunction with my being a woman) but 30-40% a mess seems doable. That was my original point.

6) And this is where we can all collectively roll our eyes with my cliche-ed-ness – I want to figure out who I want to be, and then be that person. Yeah. I know. But it’s true. I do want to do this.

7) I want to sleep more at night and less over-all. I.e. I want to go to bed before 1 am and wake up before 11 am and stop taking so many naps. I think if I achieve #3 and #5 maybe this will happen automatically. Of course it would happen much faster if I just got a job. However, from a year of going to bed very late, getting up very early and taking a lot of naps  I know I could still work without achieving this goal. So I made it a real goal in order to try to force myself to do it.

8) Get on a consistent schedule. This goes hand in hand with #7.

9) I want to write. Really a journal would work just as well as a blog, but I am horrible at journalling and thought if I had something to hold me accountable (My non-existent adoring public who couldn’t possibly live without my blog – hey. it could happen. I may be awesome at this. You don’t know… or you do… because you’ve read this list… But if being slightly delusional helps me consistently write what basically amounts to an online journal that nobody reads, I can live with that)

10) Watch more Nora Ephron movies. This is very important.

11) Finish re-reading the Harry Potter series for the… fifth? sixth? time. I am at a stand still in book 4. I need to get crackalackin’. This is almost as important as #10.

So there it is. My list of things I need to do in order to “get my life in order.” (P.s. I use that phrase so much nowadays that i am really starting to hate it, but I can’t think of a good alternative. It reminds me too much of “putting my affairs in order” which reminds me of old people and death and I am not ready to be that mature yet. Anybody have any other way I can talk about “getting my life in order”? I’ve also used “figuring out my shit,” but there is a good chance someone in my family will read this, and even though I am 22 we all like to operate under the assumption that I don’t use words like that. Which I didn’t much until very recently… Ok sidebar to this sidebar: did anyone else swear in high school, stop swearing in college and then slowly start up again after graduation? Nope? Just me? Ok cool. Anyway, now that we have all forgotten my original point, lets get back to it. Ah yes. My list.) The problem with my list is that it involves a lot of change, and I don’t much like change. In fact, I often times flat out hate it. And more than often times I have no idea how to institute it. So if anybody out that in my non-existent adoring public has any suggestions as to how to make this happen, let me know.

Welp. Here we go I guess. Into the blogging universe…

And because every blog needs a picture: If the first sentence of this blog made no sense, go watch Singin’ in the Rain. Right now. You’re welcome.

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  1. rtippy says:

    How about “putting a plan together”?

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