Weekend Recap: When the Plague Hits and Plans Change

Hey Internet! I had some great plans for the blog this weekend – I was going to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party with Adorabeezle Winterpop on Friday and decorate the apartment for Halloween on Saturday and write all about Fall and Happiness and it was going to be magic…

Here is how my weekend really went: Adorabeezle and I DID go to the Halloween Party Friday night. We opted not to do costumes this year and went full Halloween instead. We met Moana and Tarzan, Turk, and Jane. We got some pretty treats and I got a few new Disney Alex and Ani bracelets. The we went to Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular and it started pouring…  Adorabeezle was sick and I was tired and we are going to another party, so we decided to call it a night. It was probably good we did because it rained the rest of the night and all of the entertainment was pushed back super late.

Saturday I woke up with the death. I stayed in bed late and watched a lot of TV and drank a lot of tea. Sunday I actually made it to Target (which did NOT have Halloween decor out yet! c’mon Target!) and Publix before coming home and crashing.  The trip was needed, but I would NOT recommend going to Target while sick.  You will put anything in your cart if it means you may get out of there sooner. You will spend way too much money and then not even remember what you bought because of the brain fog.  BUT YOU WON’T HAVE BOUGHT ANY HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS THAT IS FOR SURE…. stupid Target… I may be bitter..

Monday was more of the same – I stayed in bed until around 2 and then managed to get up and make myself some tea and then Adorabeezle (aka patient zero) and I sat around and tried to breath normally. I did manage to get out some of our Halloween decorations. Then I ordered Chinese food and settled in for the first Hocus Pocus showing of the year!

It wasn’t the weekend I had planned, and I would really like to breath through my nose again, but it was still fun to

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Watermelon Arugula Salad | A Disney-esque Dish

Hey Internet! I’m back with another Disney-themed dish! Today I’m going to tell you my favorite salad recipe at the moment, based off of the Watermelon Salad with Pickled Onions, B&W Gourmet Farms Baby Arugula, Feta and Balsamic Reduction salad from this year’s Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Here is the original version (pictured with some really fun dranks – Violet Lemonade, I love you forever).

The first time I had this salad I knew it would be something I wanted to try to recreate at home. It was amazing, and something that wouldn’t take a crazy amount of time to make. Since it is a salad, I’m not even going to pretend I have measurements for you. It’s a salad people. Put the stuff in the bowl. But here are the ingredients:

– greens (I usually use an arugula/spinach mix)
– watermelon, chopped (the watermelon in Epcot was in pretty big chunks, but I like to cut mine into more bite size pieces
– feta cheese (as much or as little (I vote MUCH) as you want)
– balsamic reduction or balsamic dressing (I typically just use a store bought balsamic dressing)

Optional ingredients
– pickled red onions (I LOVE pickled red onions but I can never find a great recipe/I am lazy. I wish I could find this prepackaged. I would buy that ish. But unless I have been REALLY on top of my kitchen game, I don’t usually add these. Because lazy.)
-sunflower seeds (because when you don’t have onion garnish, adds some sunflower seeds? Sure. Let’s go with that)
– sliced chicken breast (this is an addition I made to add some protein and to make this salad more of a meal in and of itself)

Put the stuff in the bowl, toss it and enjoy. I have been taking this salad to work with me almost every day for the past month It’s crazy easy and insanely good. Here is what it might look like at my place:

Let me know if you try it internet!

This is… 27… What?!? A Birthday Recap

Hey Internet! How goes it? Just dropping by to do a quick birthday weekend recap… from two weekends ago… I may not be good at this… Anyway, two weeks ago I turned 27… I’m officially in my late twenties and it may possibly be freaking me out a bit… To celebrate I had a fun filled weekend of shopping and eating and dranking.

Sunday Adorableezle Winterpop and I went shopping – we hit up Charming Charlie’s and Home Goods and Ulta – I got myself some fun birthday treats and it was a fun morning. On the way home we grabbed some Pei Wei and then my friend from high school and college came up from Sarasota to visit! We spent the night at Trader Sam’s – my favorite bar on Disney property. Its a tiki bar with a lot of fun themeing and special effects. I maybe forgot to take pictures, but here are some instagram pictures from my last trip to Trader Sam’s:


Hello Old Friend ❤️🍹🍍#tradersamsgroggrotto

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Sunday morning a small group of us got together and got breakfast at The Wave… of American Flavors at the Contemporary Resort . They have a great breakfast buffet with refillable mimosas. I basically ate All. The. Cheesy Grits. After breakfast we headed over to Epcot to ride Ellen’s Universe of Energy one last time before it closed on the 13th. It was bittersweet. The we rode the Gran Fiesta Tour and got a birthday margarita. Here is a quick Snapchat snapshot of the day:

And also a pretty group picture:

After that we were all feeling pretty tired, so we went our separate ways and I took a really nice birthday nap… did I mention I may be old?

To cap off the weekend Adorabeezle and I got dinner at The California Grill, also at the Contemporary Resort. I hadn’t been to California Grill since 2010, but it was just as AMAZING as I remembered it. I mean…


It was a really great weekend, and I’m excited to see what 27 has in store!

July Slightly Mastered

Hey Internet! It’s been a hot minute… clearly I’m still re-figuring out this blogging thing. To be fair, it’s been a crazy few months around these parts. I’m thinking maybe a quick monthly recap will help me keep this blog more up to date. So let’s try this!

July was a rough month for a few reasons I’m not going to get into on the internet, but there were a lot of great things too. I’m going to focus on those today. So a few highlights from July:

  • I didn’t go to fireworks or do any of the traditional 4th of July festivities (when you live close enough to the Magic Kingdom to hear their fireworks every night, the need to see fireworks on the fourth becomes less dire). But I DID get to partake in my yearly bomb-pop-the-champagne, and that was delightful (as always).
  • My bestie visited for a weekend! … I was so busy soaking in the moment that I forgot to take pictures, but we went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and had brunch at The Wave… of American Flavors and went to Disney Springs and it was so needed for my heart.
  • I got a new (to me) car! My old car (Hildegard) was getting OLD and TIRED and my mom was ready for a new car so she and my aunt drove her car down to FL and I bought it! It’s very exciting mostly because my check engine light is not coming on all the time anymore! It’s the little things, internet.
  • (Related) My mom and Aunt visited! We stayed in the Port Orleans riverside and it was amazing…. and tiring… I was working during the day and going with them to the parks at night… and that is how I ended up taking a six and a half hour nap last weekend… true life story.

    I couldn’t go to Port Orleans Riverside without getting a cupcake with my girl Tiana on it!

    Got some new Up tsums and took them to The Music of Pixar Live

  • My mom and aunt brought down my new wine cart from Etcetera Home and I LOVE IT! I am so excited to fill this baby up with ALL THE WINE. It came just in time fore my first box of wine from Winc (thanks dad!)

  • Speaking of wine, CAN WE TALK ABOUT MY NEW WINE STOPPER? I am obsessed.

  • I’ve been listening to ALL THE PODCASTS. I’m spend my work days sitting at a computer and I have been listening to podcasts while I work. My coworker told me about My Favorite Murder and I cannot get enough of it. I’ve listened to about 20 episodes in a week… and most episodes are about an hour and a half… I may have a problem… BUT IT IS SO GOOD.

And… I think that’s basically July in a nutshell. Also CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW IT IS AUGUST ALREADY?!? I simply CANNOT.

Anyway, hope you are having a great week Internet! Hopefully I’ll be talking to you soon. (We are really at a point where I should not be promising any sort of posting regularity… but I will try. If I’m not napping.)

Life Maybe Slightly Less Mastered

Hey Internet! I know what you are thinking – no, I didn’t intend to return to blogging to rebrand, write two posts, and then disappear. That’s totally what I did, but it wasn’t my intention. I jumped back into blogging at the end of a one month break in between graduation and starting my new job. After my last post I started said job, my mom flew in for two weeks, I single handedly planned a bachelorette party to take place in a different state, and flew home to be in a wedding.

I’m tired is what I am saying.

And I am writing this on the floor of an airport. Like the classy broad I am.

The last two weeks have been NUTSO and I just barely survived. But instead of telling you about my exhaustion level, I’m going to paint you a picture with my words and tell you about one specific incident.

At the end of my first week of work I wore a dress with some ties on the front. Olly, ever the attention whore and string lover, decided the best way to help me get ready for work was to jump for the strings with his nails out while I was getting dressed. I ended up with what basically amounted to a puncture wound on my stomach. It hurt like a mother but I had to get to work, so I walked it off and kept going.

This whole thing is his fault.

Jump to the next morning, my puncture wound is bright red and hurts a bit. I do the responsible thing my mom taught me to do – lots of Neosporin and a Band-Aid – a fun Oh Joy! For Target Band-Aid. I was wounded but I could still have fun!

The next few days I maintained the same routine. Everything was going fine, except I had this new longer sore right next to my puncture wound – I wasn’t sure where it came from, but it hurt a but so I added some Neosporin and an additional Band-Aid to the situation.

Cut to last Wednesday. I am staying the night in my mom’s hotel room because I am meeting her straight from the airport the next day and we had a lot of stuff to distribute between our suitcases. I am EXHAUSTED. I had been working long days to make up some of the hours I was missing Friday, I had been meeting up with my mom for dinner at theme parks and resorts all week. We had stayed in the Magic Kingdom to watch the new (AMAZING) firework show that night. I had dragged my heavy bags from my car to the hotel room (a bit of a trek when you are weighted down) and I just didn’t want to move ever ever again. I needed to wash my hair, but I could just not muster the motivation. I helped my mom pack while I ate some Nutella gelato (thank you Port Orleans- French Quarter!) and then all I had left to do was shower.

As part of the shower preparation process I ripped off one of the Band-Aids I was wearing on my stomach, and with it came off a not an insignificant amount of skin. (And suddenly I knew where that mystery wound had come from). It is hard to drive home how painful this was and how much skin it removed – it was bad. You know when you lose so many layers of skin that the wound kind of starts to ooze? Not puss, but just… body liquid? That’s what it was. It hurt. A lot. (I’m trying to emphasize this because nobody has seemed to take this story seriously until I lift my shirt or send them a picture, and then the universal reaction has been “OH MY GOD HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??” And I’ve had to be like “I literally just told you.” I would show you pictures, but the internet is forever. If you know me well enough to have my phone number text me and I may send you the photographic evidence. If not, you are just going to have to take my word for it.)

Anyway. I’m in pain. I’m exhausted. The act of washing my hair already seemed daunting without the added element “if this wound gets hit by streams of water I will literally scream.” I STILL HAVE ONE BAND-AID ON MY STOMACH AND IT IS EQUALLY AS STUCK. Everything in the world is horrible and it will never be ok ever again.

So that is how I ended up walking around a hotel room, pretty much naked, crying while I shoveled half-melted Nutella gelato into my mouth… I may not actually have my life even slightly mastered is what I am saying.

Epilogue: I ripped the other Band-Aid off after holding a wet washcloth over it. It took off less skin, but still a good amount. I used some dry shampoo instead of washing my hair and I went to bed without doing basically anything else. My wounds are scabbing over and itch a bit but I will survive… I am such a brave soul.

Anyway, have you ever been practically maimed by something that was supposed to help you? How did you deal with it?